ICD-10 Taskforce: NCHICA formed the ICD-10 Taskforce in February, 2009 to assist members in their ICD-10 implementation efforts. For more information on the benefits of joining the Taskforce, click here.

ICD-10 Taskforce Bulletins

ICD-10 Resource Directory: Click here for a list of helpful resources.

ICD-10 Timeline: NCHICA and WEDI have released a timeline to assist the healthcare industry in ICD-10 implementation. Please visit the Timeline section of the website for further details.

ICD-10 Pilot Testing: The ICD-10 Taskforce conducted a pilot for end-to-end testing of the ICD-10 codes. 

ICD-10 Training: Click here for a list of upcoming training available.

ICD-10 Speaker's Bureau: Call NCHICA at 919-558-9258 if you are interested in one of these speakers your event:

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