NCHICA 26th Annual Conference



NCHICA 26th Annual Conference
September 14-15, 2020
Durham Convention Center
Durham, NC


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Key Milestones:

  • January 16, 2020: Call for Abstracts released
  • January 31, 2020: Sponsor Prospectus published
  • March 30, 2020: Deadline for Abstracts
  • June 8, 2020: Registration Opens




NCHICA has created a collaborative organization that no other State has achieved. It includes vendors, providers, payers, physicians, nurses, clinicians, attorneys, information technologists and other professionals, working together to improve healthcare within North Carolina in every way, from the use of technology, to public policy considerations, to patient privacy, and more. Belonging to, and participating in, this organization helps you to not only keep up with the changing healthcare environment, but to have some influence on those changes.

— David B. Dillehunt
VP, CIO, FirstHealth of the Carolinas Inc.,
Pinehurst, NC

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