Benefits of Membership

Join a unique, neutral forum that represents the interests of the many sectors of the healthcare community

NCHICA members represent: hospitals and clinics; medical practices; professional societies and nonprofit associations; national, state and local health agencies; health plans; law firms; healthcare and IT consulting firms/vendors; health education and training providers; and research organizations. There are few organizations in the country that bring together such diverse members of the healthcare community.

Become a part of a nationally recognized, credible organization

NCHICA’s past involvement in the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) and the Health Information Security & Privacy Collaboration (HISPC) projects, along with its exemplary work on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), have made it a national resource for health information exchange and HIPAA compliance information.

Address common problems and work toward solutions

Why work alone or “re-invent the wheel” when you can work with your peers? NCHICA provides a unique opportunity for members to meet on a regular basis with others who do the same job and share the same day-to-day concerns.

Make a difference and drive change in the healthcare industry

NCHICA’s workgroups are involved in numerous activities to accelerate the transformation of the US healthcare system through the effective use of information technology, informatics and analytics.

Network with your peers and gain professional development

Only employees of NCHICA member organizations can participate in NCHICA’s workgroups. Meetings are free and provide excellent opportunities to network with peers and grow professionally. Members can join the following workgroups:

Access the online Membership Directory

Membership entitles you to access our online directory of nearly 250 member organizations and over 2,000 individuals. The directory is searchable by last name or organization, and provides the most current contact information on NCHICA members.

Stay informed with our NCHICA Update newsletter

Each month, members receive an e-newsletter that features the latest information on NCHICA activities and membership, as well as links to articles and publications of interest and upcoming industry events. You can also learn about what other NCHICA members are doing.

Promote your organization in the NCHICA Update

Members can submit press releases and other newsworthy items for inclusion in the NCHICA Update, which reaches an audience of over 3,800.

Receive substantial discounts

Members receive substantial discounts on registration and exhibiting fees at the Annual Conference and other events.


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Join Today

NCHICA offers membership opportunities for Healthcare Providers, Nonprofits & Government Agencies, Corporations, Individuals and Students. Click below to see our Dues Structure and Online Membership Application.

NCHICA has created a collaborative organization that no other State has achieved. It includes vendors, providers, payers, physicians, nurses, clinicians, attorneys, information technologists and other professionals, working together to improve healthcare within North Carolina in every way, from the use of technology, to public policy considerations, to patient privacy, and more. Belonging to, and participating in, this organization helps you to not only keep up with the changing healthcare environment, but to have some influence on those changes.

— David B. Dillehunt
FirstHealth of the Carolinas
Pinehurst, NC

Join our alliance of nearly 250 organizations dedicated to transforming healthcare through information technology, informatics and analytics.