The NCHICA 25th Annual Conference is scheduled for September 16-17, 2019. This is the third in our Annual Conference Podcast Series featuring our Diamond Sponsor Sirius.

Our podcast features Lee Pierce, the Healthcare Chief Data Officer at Sirius. He discusses his early work with Intermountain Healthcare, a pioneer in EMRs and data analytics. He joined Sirius to help healthcare organizations advance their use of data analytics to the level of the banking and retail industries. He notes that a successful data analytics program needs the right people, processes and technology, but the healthcare industry has been focusing too much on just technology. Data analytics, when properly utilized, can provide healthcare leaders with the insight needed to make the right decisions on how to improve business and clinical processes. Sirius acts as a trusted advisor not just there to sell a particular tool or technology, but to help organizations see the big picture and figure out what they want to accomplish and who are the best partners to help them.

Our podcast host is Janet Kennedy of Get Social Health.