Technology & Integration Workgroup

Mission Statement

The Technology & Integration Workgroup will research, monitor, and educate membership on the present and future scope of technology-based and integration solutions for the healthcare sector. The Technology & Integration Workgroup will, within its resources, respond to priorities set by NCHICA members and strive to be a reliable resource of information.


The charter of the group is to build a collaborative environment supporting the mission and promoting transparency in activities and accomplishments; the workgroup will focus on the following initiatives:


Provide active discussions, success stories, and white papers on selected technology and integration initiatives, accomplishments, and solutions that affect the healthcare sector.  Analyze future needs and predict its impact on patients, payers, providers, and software vendors. Construct an open platform that provides transparency of activities, educational discussions and long-term document sharing. The priority of such topics will be determined collectively by workgroup members. The collective experiences and feedback from the workgroup will be utilized to its fullest extent.

Networking and Sharing

Establishment of this workgroup will benefit each NCHICA member’s respective organization through the collaborative implementation of a solutions knowledgebase, social media and educational presentations.

Integration Adoption

Provide recommendations and guidelines to member organizations as it pertains to the integration and interoperability of devices, applications, systems, and provider organizations.  The workgroup’s collaborative focus will facilitate the adoption of technology-based products and respective interoperability through the sharing of common solutions. Provide review on issues and solutions common to technology and integration challenges.



It is essential that a trusting, collaborative environment be established in order to provide value to each Technology & Integration Workgroup member, so that they may obtain necessary information to support success at their respective organizations that deliver value to NCHICA members and to the healthcare sector in general. Topics that are selected to be discussed during workgroup meetings will be for the primary purpose of education of members and for using the group’s guidelines and recommendations to inform methods of exchanging health information in a secure, standards-based, and meaningful way.



Participation in meetings is for NCHICA members only, and registration is required. Click here for more information.

NCHICA has created a collaborative organization that no other State has achieved. It includes vendors, providers, payers, physicians, nurses, clinicians, attorneys, information technologists and other professionals, working together to improve healthcare within North Carolina in every way, from the use of technology, to public policy considerations, to patient privacy, and more. Belonging to, and participating in, this organization helps you to not only keep up with the changing healthcare environment, but to have some influence on those changes.

— David B. Dillehunt VP & CIO FirstHealth of the Carolinas Pinehurst, NC

Sponsor lunch at an upcoming Enterprise Integration Workgroup meeting, and give a brief presentation about your company’s products and services.