HIE Taskforce

Mission Statement

The HIE Taskforce is an initiative that will focus on connectivity with an HIE including the round trip testing with eHealth Exchange to enable exchange with the SSA, VA, DoD, CMS and other eHealth Exchange participants. The deliverable from this task force will be a starter kit that outlines the guidelines and recommendations for a successful integration between any entity and an HIE. The taskforce will operate under the guidance of the Enterprise Integration Workgroup and deliver approved materials for public consumption. The taskforce will also encourage discussion brought forth from the NCHICA HIE Workshops and other partnerships between entities that are currently implementing HIE functionality.


The charter of the group is to build a collaborative environment supporting the taskforce mission and promoting transparency in activities and accomplishments. The taskforce will focus on the following initiatives:

Meaningful Use

Although not part of the true definition of an HIE, some Meaningful Use measures have requirements within the State of North Carolina that relate to interoperability (with or without) an HIE. The establishment of this taskforce will benefit each NCHICA member’s respective organization through understanding technical interoperability of:

  • ELR
  • Immunizations
  • Transitions of Care (Direct/SOAP)
  • Supporting Medicaid Claims Submissions
  • Quality Measures specific to HIE connectivity
  • Future MU stage requirements related to interoperability

HIE Connectivity Simulation

The simulation is an end-to-end understanding of the full integration with an HIE and eHealth Exchange. This will encapsulate a starter kit that will be inclusive of the steps required to connect with an HIE.


  • Provide open discussions with a focus on trends, ROI, and accomplishments.
  • Analyze future needs, changes in technologies, changes in standards, and help predict impact on patients, payers, providers, and software needs.
  • Construct an open platform of activities, HIE Workshop follow-ups, and long-term document sharing in conjunction with the EIW.


Participation in meetings is for NCHICA members only, and registration is required. Click here for more information.

NCHICA has created a collaborative organization that no other State has achieved. It includes vendors, providers, payers, physicians, nurses, clinicians, attorneys, information technologists and other professionals, working together to improve healthcare within North Carolina in every way, from the use of technology, to public policy considerations, to patient privacy, and more. Belonging to, and participating in, this organization helps you to not only keep up with the changing healthcare environment, but to have some influence on those changes.

— David B. Dillehunt
FirstHealth of the Carolinas
Pinehurst, NC

Sponsor lunch at an upcoming HIE Taskforce meeting, and give a brief presentation about your company’s products and services.